Orangutan Haven is a project promoted by YEL (Yayasan Ekosistem Lestari) and the PanEco Foundation—two non-profit organizations with a history of collaboration spanning over 20 years.

Together, they have developed projects in Sumatra dedicated to the protection of orangutans and natural ecosystems, becoming icons in the fields of conservation and environmental protection in Sumatra.

This project, initiated in 2017, was originally conceived as a sanctuary for orangutans coming from SOCP (Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Project, another initiative from YEL and Paneco).

Those orangutans were unable to be released into the wild for many reasons. Some of them were kidnapped as illegal pets, and others were shot by farmers while foraging for food on farms and private properties.

When these orangutans were rescued by the SOCP team, every effort was made to heal them and return them to the jungle where they belong. However, the wounds and traumas were too severe, making it impossible for them to return to the wild.

After years of living in one of the YEL Rehabilitation Centers, it was decided to create a space adapted for them. As similar as possible to the jungle, so they could enjoy the rest of their lives outdoors and without bars.

In 2017, construction of Orangutan Haven began with the purpose of providing a better home for these 9 orangutans. In December 2023, these individuals were transferred to Orangutan Haven, where they began a new life away from the violence of cages.

Here they can live in peace and freedom, in a space that adapts to their needs, and with a team of caregivers ensuring their well-being 24/7.