Orangutan Haven Welcomes Four New Individuals

November 15, 2023

Medan, November 14, 2023

Orangutan Haven, a protected wildlife ecopark, conservation, and environmental education center located in Medan, North Sumatra, proudly announced the successful transfer of four orangutans to their facility, marking a significant milestone in their ongoing conservation efforts.

The announcement was made during Orangutan Haven’s inaugural press conference, held on November 13, 2023, at Santika Premier Dyandra Hotel Medan. The event garnered attention from 29 national media outlets and local representatives, underlining the importance of Orangutan Haven’s commitment to the protection and rehabilitation of orangutans.

A New Chapter for Orangutans

During the press conference, Hetty Berliana Damanik, the General Manager of Orangutan Haven, unveiled the ecopark’s unique concept as a haven for rescued orangutans and a center for environmental education. The transferred orangutans, comprising half of the total eight individuals planned for relocation, are embarking on a new life within the ecopark’s safe and enriching environment.

A video presentation provided attendees with an insightful glimpse into the daily life of Orangutan Haven, and live streaming from the orangutan island showcased real-time conditions, emphasizing the commitment to transparency and the well-being of the orangutans.

Addressing Concerns and Questions

The press conference also featured a Q&A session, where the Orangutan Haven team addressed inquiries from the media. Notably, concerns regarding the safety and well-being of the orangutans were addressed by Hetty Berliana Damanik:

“Until now, all orangutans in Orangutan Haven are individuals that can’t be returned to the forest. The reason this place is necessary is that their lives will be safer than if they are released into the forest due to their condition. Orangutan Haven is an ecopark aimed at improving their welfare and providing a better life for these magnificent individuals.”

Veterinarian Yenny Saraswati further explained, “These eight orangutans have undergone the rehabilitation process, and while we always attempt to reintroduce them into the wild, some have suffered irreversible injuries. Orangutan Haven serves as a second chance for these individuals to lead fulfilling lives.”

Addressing potential concerns about disease transmission, Hetty reassured, “Although Orangutan Haven is open for public visits, access to the islands will be limited and carefully managed. Our planning includes separate and restricted hours for visitors, minimizing the risk of disease transmission between orangutans and humans.”

Looking Ahead

Orangutan Haven remains closed to the public temporarily as the team ensures the orangutans’ successful adaptation to their new surroundings and finalizes facilities to welcome visitors. The ecopark looks forward to showcasing its commitment to orangutan welfare, conservation, and environmental education in the near future.