Development Updates for First Quarter 2022

April 21, 2022

To date, a number of the planned facilities at Orangutan Haven have already been completed. These include the orangutan islands themselves, which are essentially ready and waiting to receive the orangutans later this year. More ropes and hammocks and other enrichment will be added, however, immediately prior to the first arrivals to provide them with more opportunities for climbing and resting off the ground. A vet clinic is also finished and fully equipped, in case any of the orangutans need medical attention, and a keeper depot is in place for the orangutan’s caretakers to clean and prepare their food and take care of their daily needs.

The islands valley also features a staff canteen, for lunch and breaks, a security post complete with CCTV camera surveillance of the entire valley and a public toilet and washroom ready for when the first visitors arrive. Electricity for all the facilities in the valley is generated by solar panels located on the roof of the toilet and washroom.

Elsewhere, the organic farm has been operational for several years and is now equipped by large bamboo ‘aula’ or shelter building where the farmers clean and process the farm produce. This impressive building is also fully equipped with seating and an LCD projector and screen, which is already being used by visiting schools and other groups, and the Haven team for training purposes.

Before COVID-19 pandemic, she was employed in the elephant show, performing and painting at the camp. She gave birth in May of this At the front of the Orangutan Haven site, is a large, spectacular bamboo bridge spanning the river that will eventually lead from the carpark area into the main Orangutan Haven site with all its facilities and activities. The bridge is quite striking due to its impressive structure and style and has been visited many times by architects and others interested to learn more about design and construction using bamboo.

Since April 2022, construction of a new ‘ticketing building’ has been underway at the edge of the carpark, just in front of the bridge. This will serve as the main entrance to Orangutan Haven, providing information and orientation to visitors and processing tickets for admission and activities.

Currently still in the development phase is an ambitious restaurant and events facility that will host a main dining area, bar, coffee roastery and pizza oven. It is planned that the restaurant will also cater for events such as weddings and meetings. Detailed engineering designs for the restaurant complex are already completed, the challenge now being to raise the funding needed to build it.

Plans and concept designs exist too for a major rainforest exhibition centre that will inform arriving visitors about tropical rainforest ecology environmental conservation and the need for more sustainable development. It will also provide information on orangutans themselves and the important work of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme elsewhere in Sumatra.

Within Orangutan Haven’s 50 ha of mixed agroforest a serious of nature trails is being established that will be used by schools and the general public alike to learn more about the Haven’s myriad of wild plant and animal species, and rainforest ecology generally.

Other planned facilities are still in the early concept development phase, including a special education centre for schools to use and a research/ecology centre that University students will be able to make use of. It is also hoped that eventually the Haven will be able to offer on-site accommodation for guests, including a ‘glamping ground’, and of course there will one day be an Orangutan Haven shop!

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