Orangutan Valley

The orangutans at the Orangutan Haven live on large, naturally vegetated islands surrounded by water moats. Each has an indoor area attached so the animals can get out of the rain and find somewhere dry and warm to sleep.

Guided tours of the orangutan islands leave regularly according to a daily schedule.


The Eco-farm grows organic fruit and vegetables using sustainable methods. Much of the produce served in the Orangutan Haven restaurant is produced at the eco farm. Feel free to walk around and explore the area, and if you wish to buy anything just let a member of staff know.

Nature & Trails


Explore the Orangutan Haven and learn about tropical biodiversity by walking some of the on-site nature trails. Named after some of the SOCP field sites in Sumatra, the nature trails offer an easy way to see and learn about the tropical rainforest.

Planned Facilities

Restaurant and event halls

A major hub of the Orangutan Haven and a must for all visitors is the Orangutan Haven’s spectacular restaurant and gift shop. Ingredients for most dishes on the menu are sourced locally and as far as possible are organically produced.

Rainforest Exhibition Centre

The rainforest exhibition centre will feature exhibitions and education materials covering orangutans and there rainforest habitat. Visit the centre when you arrive at the Orangutan Haven, just across the bridge from the main entrance

Forest School – Education Centre

One of the most important functions of the Orangutan Haven is its role in environmental education. The Education Centre is the base for the whole SOCP education team, and hosts numerous school and other groups wishing to learn more about orangutans, biodiversity and the environment generally. Learn more about the Orangutan Haven’s important education work and programmes.

Ecology Centre

The Ecology centre highlights the important role of scientific research in biodiversity conservation. Visitors can see first-hand what field research, like studying wild orangutans, actually entails. Students can also make use of the facilities to undertake their own research projects at the Orangutan Haven. Click to learn more about opportunities for students.