It is in our DNA to commit to our planet at all levels: environment, wildlife, local communities, local government, new generations, our team, visitors.

We understand that only by involving all parts in our project we can achieve our goal.

Facilities and sustainable construction

We have built Orangutan Haven using sustainable methods and materials to minimize our environmental impact.

Employing green technologies across our park, we have created an eco-farm to produce healthy food and an organic crop for our restaurant and the rest of our organization's projects.

Moreover, we work hand in hand with local communities to empower them and make sure they feel integral to our project.

Sustainable Construction

Discover one of the most unique and sustainable building materials there is: bamboo.

Orangutan Haven is a pioneering role model in sustainable resource management and renewable energy.

We use bamboo as a sustainable material, and all the facilities include roofs equipped with solar panels, and a Micro Hydro Plant that provides energy to the entire ecopark.

Why bamboo is the most sustainable material?

Bamboo is the fastest-growing grass globally, capable of growing up to 40 centimeters in a single day.

It can absorb approximately 30% more carbon dioxide than a similar sized tree.

Its strength, flexibility and ease of manipulation makes it an ideal construction material.

Bamboo plant has regeneration superpowers. The more that gets harvested, the faster it grows. That makes it an incredible renewable resource that can be sustainably harvested.

Traditionally, many Indonesian communities have long used bamboo for construction, reflecting a deep-rooted connection to the country's heritage and culture, a tradition we very much want to honor at Orangutan Haven.

Implementing best practices in sustainable agriculture through organic farming.

In the realm of agriculture, the pursuit of sustainability has emerged as a major concern in the effort to conserve natural resources and ensure food security for future generations.

For this reason, at Orangutan Haven, organic farming stands out as a beacon of environmentally conscious agricultural best practice. By using more sustainable farming techniques that prioritize soil and water conservation while still delivering delicious, nutritious food, organic farming becomes the essence of sustainable agriculture.

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